European Association for Distance Learning (EADL)

The mission of EADL is to represent all privately-owned and non-governmental European organisations offering high quality and educationally sound distance learning. EADL aims to improve the quality and acceptance of distance learning to ensure the maximum benefit for students. EADL provides its members with a forum for open discussion of all issues related to distance learning and for sharing ideas and good practice. The International Academy for Professional Development Ltd is a member of the European Association for Distance Learning.

The Learning Guild

The Learning Guild is a community of practice for those supporting the design, development, strategy, and management of organizational learning. As a member-driven organization, the Guild produces a countless number of resources all devoted to the idea that the people who know the most about making learning successful are the people who produce learning every day in corporate, government, and academic settings. Our goal is to create a place where learning professionals can share their knowledge, expertise, and ideas to build a better industry—and better learning experiences—for everyone.

The team at the International Academy for Professional Development Ltd are members of the The Learning Guild.

International Professional Development Association (IPDA)

The International Professional Development Association (IPDA) has more than 400 members across 25 countries. The IPDA provides promotes national and international networks of individuals and organisations concerned with professional development and learning. For more information, visit the IPDA website.

Journal of Professional Development

The Journal of Professional Development runs a journal Facebook Group. All articles published in the journal will be announced on the group.